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Medical, Dental & Veterinary.

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Salons & Spas.

We want to help maximize your company's performance. Schedule a no-obligation consultation appointment with one of our experts so we can determine together what your company needs and then partner with you to achieve success.

Churches and not-for-profits.

You want to succeed.
You need to succeed.

This is not an impossible challenge.

Seek the support you require to be
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We are for you!

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Career Counseling &

Life Coaching.

Skilled Service & Special Trades Providers.

Restaurants, Bars & Coffee Shops.


Project Management

Operational Consulting

Benefits administration

Human Resources

Sales and marketing 

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Entrepreneurs &

Business Startups.

Professional Service Providers.

We don't limit you to a standard menu of basic services.  TLA Solutions can also act as a temporary or contract employee to work for you on special projects or assignments without the complications of paying benefits and taxes or risking liability for ongoing expenses after the project ends.